A casually facilitated discussion series focused on successful tactics to support a company’s marketing strategy for business owners, management and marketing staff guided by experienced marketing professionals.

Like an orchestra, an effective marketing plan requires coordinating many sections combining to create one harmonious sound. When one instrument is out of tune, it can have a major effect.

Brilliant Sound Sessions are a monthly informal discussion series where local professionals discuss and get advice on marketing best practices from each other and the Brilliant Marketing Communication team.

Brilliant Marketing will casually facilitate insightful discussion around trends, research, design, customer service, online and offline marketing efforts, and many other ways to help build and strengthen your brand. You can come with specific questions, or just come to listen and learn.

Featuring both guest and in-house experts, Brilliant Sound Sessions will help you identify the sections that are holding you back and help you find the solutions needed to hear the sound of success.

We want to see our local businesses succeed, and so this event is totally free. No joke.

Attendees will leave each session with key takeaways that they can apply directly to their business and new ideas to implement into their work.

Brilliant Sound Sessions will take place every second Tuesday of the month at the Brilliant Marketing Communication office at 920 Egg Harbor Road from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.  Coffee will be provided. Topics are subject to change. The sessions are limited to 12 people. Please RSVP.

  • January: Taglines and Headlines – Copywriting for Ads. What makes a good ad? It starts with your message. We are going to break down the elements of an ad and share some tools we use for figuring out what to say in the tiniest of spaces. Registration is full! Sign up for the next one!

  • February: Video. Video is becoming more and more important in the world of online media. You CAN do video yourself. We’ll share some easy tricks and we’ll also introduce you to keys to success for a large-scale video shoot.
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  • March: Design. Learn about the elements of design and some easy-to-use design tools. Hear from experts on how to design an effective ad for multiple forms of media.
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  • April: Social Media. We will touch on the different and emerging social media platforms and the best strategies for getting the most out of them. Which ones are right for you?
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  • May: Direct Marketing (E-mail and Direct Mail). Tools you can use to get your messages directly into the hands of the consumers. Direct communication can be VERY effective, if it’s done right.
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  • June: Online Advertising. The VAST world of online advertising! We will share broad knowledge with you on all the online possibilities and some lingo so that you can navigate this ever-evolving world with more confidence.
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  • July: Research. Sounds daunting, but it might be easier than you think! A little research can go a long way. You can use research to plan your next product or service offering, see if your media is working, or refine your target audience.
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