6 Steps to your BRILLIANT Marketing Strategy

We know marketing SUCKS, but small businesses need a laser sharp marketing strategy to cut through the noise and claim their share of voice in the marketplace. Let's do it together.


A clear strategy will help you:

  • STOP being reactionary
  • Keep your team on the same page
  • Build brand equity
  • Use your marketing budget more efficiently
  • Eliminate decision fatigue
  • Own your space in the market place and
  • get the attention you deserve




By the end of this 30 minute video, you will have what you need to write your own BRILLIANT marketing strategy.

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Enter your information & get ready to write your BRILLIANT marketing strategy!


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We know it’s not polite to brag, so we will let our fans say it for us

5 Star

"Trust is an understatement when I think about my working relationship with Brooke and her Brilliant Marketing team.  She treats our organization as if it were her own.  She is always looking for the best options; both strategic as well as cost-minded.  The success we’ve enjoyed in our marketing/awareness efforts over the last 5+ years are a direct result of Brooke’s hard work and careful insight.  She and her team accomplish what big-city marketing agencies do - only she does it in a more personal, loyal and community-centric manner."


- Erin Shortall, Door County Medical Center

5 Star

"We've worked with Brilliant Marketing since 2017 and are so impressed with their creativity and thoroughness. We work so well together they are an extension of our team."


- Kevin Grohskopf, Door County Medical Center

5 Star

"Working with Brilliant Marketing has brought our brand to the next level... Their professionalism and eye for strategy and detail have elevated our marketing materials to reflect our mission and promote our organization consistently."


- Jeremy Paszczak, Sunshine Resources

5 Star

“We loved working with Brooke and the Brilliant Marketing team. Their patience and guidance were vital in getting us the results we wanted!"


- Karen Peterson, Women’s Fund of Door County

5 Star

"Working with Brilliant Marketing has helped elevate our brand and given our marketing efforts strategic focus. Creating alignment between 11 different businesses while maintaining their own unique identities is no small task, but the Brilliant Marketing team has done just that. Their professionalism, strategic mindset and attention to detail has been vital for an organization like ours. Brooke is always honest and straightforward with me, even if she has news I don't want to hear - I know she always has the best interest of our organization in mind."


- Brian Duquaine, Door County Cooperative