BROOKE ULRICH, Owner & Strategist

Brooke is a marketing professional with experience managing marketing and advertising for large, international brands, start-ups and small businesses. Her resume includes significant experience for a popular energy drink, independently owned automotive dealers, a major American motorcycle manufacturer and countless small businesses. She has managed all varieties of marketing strategies and projects from events to logo development. She is passionate about Wisconsin communities and has the experience and desire to put her experiences to work for you.

KATIE BAETEN, Digital Marketing Manager

Katie is a digital marketing professional with broad experience in management, creative briefs, process management, and much more. She is passionate about problem-solving, efficiency, and education. She is a proud “forever student;” we can not get her to stop taking classes – there is nothing she doesn’t want to learn. From designing your branded content to analyzing your digital footprint – Katie is there to help your business succeed online and beyond.

Lindsey Doroba, Coordinator

Lindsey is an organizational wizard. Her management and communication skills keep all the tiny pieces working together smoothly.


David has years of experience bringing beauty to the world around him. A pianist, a composer, a father, and a copywriter. Communicating with your customer base is an essential part of the marketing funnel. David always knows what to say and how to say it – not only that, but he does it with the relevancy and beauty only a musician could lay out.

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